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Frequently Asked Questions: Balayage Addition

Frequently Asked Questions: Balayage Addition

At Anaala Salon, we’re here to help with all your hair needs! It seems like every day there’s some hot new trend that’s sweeping the nation and it can be hard to keep up! Don’t worry, we’ve got you (and your roots) covered. Here are some frequently asked questions about balayage, the new color trend… Read more »

Finding Your Unicorn Hairstylist

In the game of *winning at life* most of us strive to make a difference, find our true soul mate and do what we love. And if we’re really lucky (like bonus-level, great karma lucky), we also happen upon that amazing hairstylist who, when we visit their chair, knows just what we like and need… Read more »

Cut Blowout Time In Half With Speed of Light

Aveda Speed of Light

Happy October! Fall is upon us and Anaala has got killer new products and looks to help you usher in the chillier temps in style! First up: You know when your alarm clock goes off and all you want is a few more precious minutes with your pillow? Well, Aveda just gave you a couple… Read more »

5 Ways to Thicken Your Hair


It’s hard to LOVE your hair when it’s flat, limp and won’t hold a style. Whether your hair is naturally thin (you prob have an amazing hair-tie collection), it’s thinning (don’t worry…we’ll talk), or if your hair needs a little more oomph, Aveda has products that turn up the volume. Here are five ways to… Read more »